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Cabin Counselor

The role of Cabin Counselor is a highly revered position! If you are chosen, you will spend more time with the youth participants than any other volunteers! You and your co-counselor will be responsible for the well-being of the 10 youth in your cabin and you will help shape the positive experiences they have. As a cabin counselor, your role is to supervise youth and facilitate icebreakers, conversation, and fun! During workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to take a break or attend workshops. This will be an amazing, sometimes tiring, and ultimately rewarding volunteer role! If you have lots of energy, enjoy both group and one-on-one time with participants and have worked with youth before, this could be the role for you!

Entertainment Troupe

Take out those boas and break out that kazoo! The Entertainment Troupe has one responsibility— engaging youth participants in fun and creative activities! The Entertainment troupe will primarily be facilitating and hosting evening activities. Activities can range from dance parties and drag shows to games like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” to skits and songs. The Entertainment Troupe will be staying in the “Log House” (volunteer cabin) and will have time to attend workshops and activities during the day. If you have that energetic and creative juice, this might be the role for you!


We’re looking for a few tough individuals to act as camp rangers! As a ranger, you’ll have an important role in making sure the camp runs smoothly and safely. Rangers will “patrol” in the evening to make sure youth are honoring our safe space guidelines. Rangers will also chop wood for the campfires, lead hikes, and help youth roast marshmallows! Rangers will stay in the “Log House” (Volunteer Cabin) and have opportunities to attend workshops and activities. Plus, you get to wear an awesome ranger hat!

Unit Leader

Unit leaders will supervise a village of cabin counselors. You will act as a support system for cabin counselors, facilitating daily check ins and occasionally working with the Counselors In Training (CITs). Being a unit leader is a tough and rewarding job. We are looking for highly organized volunteers, who have a strong skill set in interpersonal and non-violent communication. Unit leaders, must be a returning volunteer. If you have been told you are easy to talk to, a good problem solver, and a great multi-tasker this may be the role for you.

Camp Nurse

Get out those band-aids and hydrate those campers! We are looking for a qualified Camp Nurse to tend to those bumps and bruises and pesky headaches. The Camp Nurse will have the responsibility of tending to the medical needs of youth and handing out medications to youth. We are looking for a volunteer that is licensed to practice medicine as a nurse or doctor in the state of Arizona.